Petroleum Fueling


TLM Petro Labor Force has been constructing petroleum fuel systems for twenty years. Part of our ground up construction involves removing old systems that do not meet environmental standards and installing new systems that do. Our crews have years of experience, and we have proudly constructed dozens of gasoline stations all over the State of California. ​

What we can do:

  • Rough Grading

  • Fine Grading

  • Survey/ Staking

  • BMP Erosion Control

  • Asphalt Paving

  • Fuel Testing (ELD System)

  • AQMD (Rule 461) Testing

  • Blockage Testing

  • Calibration

  • Testing EVR Phase

  • Fuel Dispenser Installation & Upgrades

  • Filter Fabric

  • Monitor System Installation

  • Installation of Fuel Product

  • Vapor Recovery & Vent Piping Installation

  • Perform Rule 1166 and Soil Samples

  • Steel Piping Installation

  • Concrete Tank Slab